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Thank you Langham! We love the book!

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A big congrats to Langham Hospitality Group’s Sherona, Floria and Fiona on a lovely book which celebrates the 147th anniversary of the Langham London. We enjoyed the read – as well as the modern fonts and sleek illustrations! Great job to the team and what a fun way to celebrate tradition with a modern twist. KSA raises a cup of ‘afternoon tea’ to you!

Did you know that the Langham London was the first grand hotel in history to serve afternoon tea?



Sailing the Fragrant Harbour on aqualuna

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Starting July 3rd, Aqua Group launched their aqualuna traditional Chinese junk boat “Harbour Discovery Tour” which KSA was privileged to give a go on a perfect blue sky day.

From 12pm to 5pm each Tuesday and Friday, guests are welcome to board the iconic boat in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Wanchai and Hunghom — all for a day pass rate of HK$100.


aqualuna in all its glory with the HKCEC in the background, which also happens to be where the next stop on the “Harbour Discovery Tour” is at the tip, where visitors can visit Bauhinia Square…

Here is some background information about the iconic boat:

“Aqualuna was meticulously hand built over an 18 month period by a veteran shipbuilder using the most traditional of Chinese boat building methods – all handcrafted using wood. The result is a beautiful 28-metre traditional red mast junk which offers its guests 1,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor entertainment space split over two finely crafted wooden decks.

“Aqualuna’s name (Cheung Po Tsai) is after the famous Cheung Chau island pirate who terrorised the waters of the South China Sea at the turn of the century, adds to the legendary link with the area.”


A sampan in the water – traditional transportation still used to this day to link up the hundreds of boats and island surrounding the territory.

Braving the heat, about 15 journalists enjoyed the tour while sipping lovely cooling drinks. While on the boat, the author of the “Harbour Discovery Tour” guidebook provided running commentary on historical tidbits together with the must see sights about town.

While the trip was very peaceful and tranquil — so why not top that off with some afternoon tea? It was only a hop and a skip before we ended up at the award winning boutique hotel, Hullet House in their lovely mural room. The selection of teas was diverse – try out the rose tea. What was very apparent was that love and care the pastry chef put into making the delectable creations! Yummy!


Divine inspiration! Gorgeous cakes for all paired with beautiful tea. Hitting the spot after sailing through Hong Kong’s iconic Fragrant Harbour!


CityU Presents: Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang

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Grottoes? Hong Kong? A journey and revisit for Kit Sinclair, Director, KSA Asia.

A few days ago, I went to a fantastic visual animation of the Dun Huang grottoes that I saw in 1982 in Sinjiang. The City University has a new Creative Media Centre and worked with DunHuang Academy and a Hong Kong group called Friends of DunHuang to create an interactive 360 degree visualization of Cave 220 using virtual reality technology.

I felt like I was in the cave. I didn’t need all the animation stuff they did but actually it was really useful in telling the story of the cave and explains the detail that we would otherwise miss.  I wore 3-D glasses for the 40 minute show and talk and had my own interpreter as the show was in Cantonese. They allowed only 20 people into the show at a time (It was in a room about 20 feet in diameter) and you could only book for yourself…so I went on my own.

Apparently a number of people went who had been to the caves 20 and 30 years ago.  I found my diary that records that Jennifer and I visited caves 16 and 17 where manuscripts were found and a few other caves which I didn’t identify. Apparently we had the briefing after we’d been to the caves so were only told in hindsight what we’d seen. Seems to me we wondered in the desert and admired a couple of gorgeous carpenters sawing logs into boards….anyway, that is an aside.

The tour guide used a pointer to enlarge certain aspects of the paintings and told the story. The animation was done by bringing forward details like the musical instruments or the canopies over the Buddha’s head or the dancing divas across the bottom.

Best thing I have seen in ages, so innovative. And I have only just been the the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei with all those wonderful treasures from China which the Kuomingtang took with them…and that was pretty spectacular. There is always more to see!

Pure Land - Inside the Mogoa Grottoes at Dunhuang
Credit: Friends of Dunhuang Hong Kong and City University

The followng text is from the pamphlet. A big thanks to City University of Hong Kong and Dunhuang Academy for sharing this wonderful exhibit with the people of Hong Kong.

“The Grottoes brings to life the story painted as a single composition on the north wall of the Cave 220, known as Bhaisajyaguru’s Eastern Paradise. The detailed mural depicts the paradise Eastern Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha, Bhaisajyaguru. It shows the seven forms or emanations that Bhaisajyaguru can assume as a healer.

“They stand in a row on lotus platforms with a lotus pool below and, as in the painting opposite, a group of musicians accompanying dancers. The Bhaisajyaguru sutra tells of the twelve great vows of the Buddha, relating to the provision of food, drink, clothing, medicine, and spiritual aids. Devotees were encouraged to light lamps in worship and this is depicted in this painting to either side of the musicians and in the altar with lamps between the dancers.

Pure Land: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang Pure Land immerses visitors in the quintessential heritage of hundreds of Buddhist grotto temples, an art treasury abounding with murals, statues and architectural monuments. This UNESCO World Heritage site, also known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas is located at Dunhuang a small town in northwestern China, an oasis in the Gobi desert. It was a gateway to and from China on the ancient Silk Road, which carried trade between China, western Asia and India from the 2nd century BC until the 14th century AD for over 1000 years.


Executive Counsel Christmas Party – Congrats!

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A classy man, founder and managing director of Executive Counsel, Timothy Pierson-Smith sure throws a great party.

Fab night with old friends – HK-style at the grand Hong Kong Club.

KSA Asia raises our glasses to you and your team, Tim for an amazing year ahead! Merry Christmas! Take a look at the photos from the ruckus night….


Weekend Getaway, Cebu Pacific to Abaca Boutique Resorts

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As Asia ramps up to the silly season of November and December, we are all feeling the pressure with the myriad of deadlines and projects!

Well, we are a lucky bunch because KSA happened upon a door prize from the Travmedia team (big kisses!) which was sponsored by Cebu Pacific (thanks Winnie) and Abaca Boutique Resorts (wonderful, Jason!)

It’s fair to say we travel more than typical folks. We’ve seen our share of hotels around the region and people often like to pick our brain when it comes to weekend get aways. Well, I have to say, look no further than Cebu for your next weekend away at the Abaca Boutique Resorts – where the intimate rooms, stunning ocean front views and mouth watering food will bowl over any connoisseur of great weekend getaways!

Babymoon, ladies weekend away, couples travelling, young famililes, reunions – this resort can cater to your every need and of course, can be bought out!

Attentive staff, or butlers, together with the general manager, Glenn can be found onsite with their warm smile and contagious laughter to make you feel right at home. Wonderful and thank you to the team for all their hard work and lovely smiles.


How can we say not to Popsicles served on a queen sized daybed next to the infinity pool? Warm cookies? Yes, please!


The resort boasts a cosy nine keys – six rooms and three villas, all sizable and decorated in warm wood with touches of fresh local art. I loved the Abaca book – which explains that Abaca is the fibre from a coconut which is used in local crafts, hats, carpets, bags!


Breakfast fit for kings – all a la carte, each dish crafted to perfection! Eggs Benedict with the tart yet creamy hollandaise, amazing! If you can catch him, pull up a chair to chat with Chef Wade, an aussie with a passion for cooking & Asia. Not only can he whip up a dish to your hearts desire, but he’s also a top bloke with an excellent palate…


We also visited the Abaca Group’s Mexican restaurant, Maya. We were told that owner of the group, Jason Hyatt spent some time in Mexico and wanted to bring a little flare to Cebu – wow. Try the pork shoulder – we were too busy eating to get pictures of the amazing food, reminiscent of street food in Mexico!

For those in more of a party mood, the restaurant is transformed into party central as the who’s who of Cebu dance the night away!


Walking out to meet our plane back to Hong Kong! Thanks Cebu Pacific! We’ll be back next year – with friends!


KSA Asia lunch with our sister company, Sinclair Communications!

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Yet another great KSA Asia lunch with the Sinclair Communications team!

Demolishing yet another table of fab food at the Shanghainese shop down the road from their office.

If you are looking to join a young fresh boutique PR firm, number one question: do you eat? For those interested to join email:



KSA Asia welcomes back 20th Marco Polo Oktoberfest!!!

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It is the 20th year of celebrating Oktoberfest at the legendary Marco Polo hotel! What is more iconic than hotelier GM, Mark Heywood sporting his traditional Lederhosen and red ginham shirt!

KSA Asia loves the exciting times filled with dirndls and lederhosen! So pull up a bench and scarf down some sausages and make sure to show up early to get your hands on the festival’s favourite – crackling pork knuckle!


A kind and joyful server dishing up some of the yummiest food in town – red cabbage, potatoe gratin and our favourite, sausages! Can’t beat the hearty German food as Hong Kong’s weather cools down.


The German Oompah band lining their stomachs before their 2nd of 22 performances to celebrate 20 years at the Marco Polo hotel! KSA Asia raises our stein to you: Prost!