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Visiting the Central Government Offices – and taking in the gorgeous view!

In Corporate Publishing - Books,Interview on April 25, 2012 by KSA Asia

Wandering around the government headquarters is quite a privilege. KSA Asia were set for a meeting with our friends at the Joint Venture to discuss the upcoming book – excited! Amazing to see the hustle and bustle of the public corridor during lunch hour!

KSA Asia also wandered into the Tamar corner display before heading up to see the wonderful wooden art feature piece. It also lights up to show the connection of the complex with the rest of the city. Looking great and loved the black and white photos – as well as the special commemorative ‘stamps’ which were released earlier this year!

View from on high – the temporary offices for the Gammon-Hip Hing Joint Venture for the last three months – before they head back into the basement for the fifth office move! It always astounds us how flexible and humble the hard-working team is. Great job all around!



Executive Counsel Christmas Party – Congrats!

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A classy man, founder and managing director of Executive Counsel, Timothy Pierson-Smith sure throws a great party.

Fab night with old friends – HK-style at the grand Hong Kong Club.

KSA Asia raises our glasses to you and your team, Tim for an amazing year ahead! Merry Christmas! Take a look at the photos from the ruckus night….


HK Doyen – David Akers-Jones

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Another day in the life of KSA – we visited Hong Kong doyen, Sir David Akers-Jones to speak about his thoughts on Hong Kong history, transportation, New Territories, heritage, the civil service and of course – his views on the future of what is to come!

A grand visit with an old friend — great opinions, fantastical insights and colourful recounts of an ever evolving Hong Kong.

KSA with HK Doyen, Sir David Akers-Jones who remembers a 'grey' HK with a landscape of low-rises when he first arrived in the 50's.... "The smell of the Star Ferry is still the same today."


Do you want to be a “Panda Keeper”?

In Interview,Travel & Food,Travel Trade Gazette on May 25, 2011 by KSA Asia

Black & White Pandas – Cute Red Pandas, and we got to feed and walk them! Amazing!

KSA ventured into Ocean Park to feed the panda and Red Panda on 24 May. It’s a new programme partnered between Marco Polo Hotels and Ocean Park. As a member hotel group of The Global Hotel Alliance, Marco Polo Hotels has come up with different local experience in order to fit into the newly-launched GHA Discovery programme. Marco Polo Hotels has come up with the “Panda Keeper” program.

In our 2-hour journey, we ventured into back of house of the Amazing Asian Animals and visited Panda Ying Ying. Apart from preparing their food, we also had a chance to see four Red Pandas. Unlike ordinary Ocean Park’s panda keeper program, Marco Polo has secured specific and unique experience for their loyalty program members. For instance, guests could experience being a trainer of red panda and try to practice the training at the RP front-of-house exhibit and take a photo side-by-side with red panda.

The program started a bit early, at 8am but it’s definitely worth a trip. we would also like to thank Juanita and Cheryl from Marco Polo Hotels who accompanied me in this trip.


The World’s Tallest Hotel!

In Interview,Travel & Food on March 29, 2011 by KSA Asia

Today, KSA Asia had an exclusive peek at the world’s tallest hotel – The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

The hotel occupies 102-118/F which is the top echelon of ICC. The super-sonic 60 second ride up the elevator was daunting but wow, the doors opened to an impressive panoramic view of Hong Kong harbour. Check out the crystal funnel which is in The Lounge & Bar.

The ICC is also home to a new attraction -The Sky100 – a viewing platform which is located at 100/F and set to open on April 17. It offers 360 degree view of Hong Kong at a startling 393 metre above ground!

A plush 'n chic panoramic view of Victoria Harbour

The Opening Day view from the lobby of the World's Tallest Hotel

The Crystal Funnel from the Lounge & Bar


Breakfast of Champions

In Interview,WOM on March 16, 2011 by KSA Asia

Hong Kong’s favourite breakfast – soft silky hand-made ‘cheung fun’…. rice noodles rolled up like miniture arabian carpets and steamed to perfection.

How about freshly made chinese donuts, ‘yau cha kwai’ floating on a lake of beef ball congee….

Cha Leung - chinese donut wrapped in fresh flour noodles sprinkled with spring onions!

Read our blog, Beyond Lion Rock for WOM Guide to taste the wonders of the New Territories. Chopsticks up – ready to go!


KSA – Riding Their Way to the Top

In Corporate Publishing - Books,Interview on February 25, 2011 by KSA Asia

KSA Asia has been very busy and excited these last few months spending hours upon hours researching, interviewing and writing the iconic MTR history book. This leading corporation which ran its first train in 1979 is world renowned for having an efficient, clean and reliable train system which is arguably the best in the world. The intracacies of the construction, finances, operations and marketing have been eye opening and it is our honour to partake in this journey of growth through connection.

The book is set to be published by the SCMP and will be out in September!  Keep an eye out for our next post…

Team KSA on an empty MTR train - heading off to be shunted and cleaned at the Kowloon Bay Depot.