How do you Publish a Corporate Book?

In Corporate Publishing - Books on January 31, 2012 by KSA Asia

This is a common question we get asked. The short answer: simple – ask KSA to project-manage it for you. The inception of a high-end customized book to target potential clients for business development and marketing of MNCs around the world requires organization.

Here are some key points for total solutions book publishing.

1)      Time: To complete a project of this size, it normally takes the same amount of ‘gestation time’ as a baby in its mother’s womb so be prepared when time comes close to commemorative anniversaries and plan accordingly!

2)      Audience: Who do you want to target and why? This will indicate numbers of books and also the direction, size and focus of the book.

3)      Strategy: While the book may be the ‘goose, ham or turkey of the Christmas feast’, there are also other ‘side dishes’ which are must-haves in the leadup to launch day. These include digital marketing initiatives which would be valuable to engage your audience such as facebook, specialised websites, and twitter. How about community & education enhancements such as portable photo exhibitions, local talks from senior executives about the trends of the industry, or CSR through support of local charities pertaining to said industry.

The second most asked question: How do you know what to write about?

The inception of the idea is often from the creative mind of the corporation’s CEO. These people are impressively perceptive and have detailed five, 10, 20 year plans for their corporations. Our job is to interpret their aims through analysing trends in regional and global perspectives. By unravelling the corporation’s ethos in this changing environment, a unique framework for their book comes to life.

Sounds simple enough? Check out our website at to see books written for our various clients including Aedas, Gammon Construction, Kerry Properties, MTR and SCMP.


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